"Shaking people's hearts deeply means uncovering
people's core emotions and their core motivation for life.
Everybody is thinking and concerning about sex
and death and if we want to scare, or shake or touch
the users or spectators then we have to think about
sex and death deeply." - Sato Takayoshi


Silent Hill

We first encountered the nurse in the first Silent Hill game in the alternate Alchemilla hospital. They are armed with knives and their staggering gait makes them appear slow, but they will rush at you if you aren't careful. You will usually encounter two of them.


Silent Hill 2

Our second encounter came at Brookhaven hospital in Silent Hill 2. These nurses are rather faster than their SH1 counterparts. They have a fairly long range attack as they are armed with steel pipes.


Silent Hill 3

The next meeting with the demon nurses came in Silent Hill 3, again in Brookhaven hospital. This time, however, as well as steel pipes, some of them are armed with handguns.


Silent Hill Origins

The demon nurses in Silent Hill Origins are the fastest moving to date. They have discarded the handguns and steel pipes in favour of hyperdermic needles.